ACT Video Review Courses: Introduction

I am pleased to make my ACT video courses available to students in East Tennessee. These courses have been used by high schools across the United States for the past twenty years. Each video segment is accompanied by an PDF handout which can be downloaded.

The first course, The ACT Video Review, covers four sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Each video clip explains strategies and sample problems for each section. A full-length practice ACT, with answer explanations, is also provided in PDF format.

The second course, The ACT Advanced Mathematics and Science Video Review, goes into more depth on mathematics and science reasoning problems. Each video clip also demonstrates strategies and provides detailed explanations of sample problems. Several full-length practice ACT Mathematics and Science Tests are also provided in PDF format.

Both courses were developed by me and my staff. If you find any problems that might need correction, please email me at [email protected].

Please follow the link below to the Table of Contents and get started.

Michael K. Smith, Ph.D.

Testprep Experts

ACT Video Courses Table of Contents